Thinking depends on the mental ability of the person. Educational, social and technology effects on thinking. Being advocates we are thinking about our clients to save them from any types of danger. For saving other person we have to ready with our weapons which are latest books, magazine, journals supreme court decisions. Now a day information collection on time is the main task for advocates.


Advocates Zone gives profile creation opportunity to every Indian advocate. This profile is accessible on website of Advocates Zone which is easily searchable through search engine. Advocates Zone reserve the right to reuse the data provided on website..


e-Diary is a Case Information System developed and managed by Advocates Zone with help of New Internet Community. It is easy for advocates to maintain their works and send information to clients on real time through electronic media like email, SMS etc.


Advocates Zone website created for the help of advocates. How to file cases, reply of cases, argument etc is breifed to new practiceners. Now you can regiter here with 20 State bar Council, 649 District and 36 States/ UT.